Elect RITE Richmond Candidates Oct 20,2018
A Vote For A RITE Richmond Candidate Is A Vote For Transparency, Honesty And Accountability

Why You Should Vote For RITE Richmond

Our Transparency Commitments To The People of Richmond:

RITE Richmond will not accept large contributions from the special interests who finance other civic political groups.

For the 2014 Municipal Elections, RITE Richmond is taking things a step further: We will disclose all of our financial contributions DURING the election campaign. Unlike the other civic groups, you won’t have to wait until 2015 to find out who has donated to our campaign. That’s our commitment to transparency.

That’s the kind of transparency RITE Richmond will bring to both Richmond City Council and the Board of Education. And that’s the transparency you deserve.

Our Commitment To Change

We’re hearing it throughout Richmond – people are wanting change in this city.

From Hamilton to Steveston, Brighouse to Shellmont and Cambie to Seafair, Richmondites are tired of a City Council that won’t consult them on City projects. A City Council that hasn’t promoted healthy business start-ups. A City Council that won’t open up the books on the Richmond Oval. A City Council that won’t stop the industrialization of the Fraser River. A City Council that wouldn’t have preserved the Garden City Lands if it wasn’t for people like Carol Day and Michael Wolfe stepping up on behalf of citizens.

This City Council isn’t listening and It’s Time For Change. RITE Richmond will bring that change to both Richmond City Council and the Board of Education. On November 15, elect Carol Day and Michael Wolfe for City Council and Norm Goldstein, Rod Belleza and Michael Starchuk for School Trustee.

Governing With Integrity For The People Of Richmond

RITE Richmond’s Code of Ethics’ origin came from an ordinary Richmondite – which shows that we are motivated by the people we want to represent and not beholden to special interests. That Code of Ethics which guides everything we do states that we will “Put public interest first”. We will always put the interests of the Richmond taxpayer first and we will not be moved or threatened by a large donor, unlike the other civic groups.

A vote for a RITE Richmond candidate is a vote for a better way of doing business. We are committed to putting you, the voter and the taxpayer, first, always. Elect RITE Richmond candidates on November 15.

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Meet The Candidates

Carol DayRichmond City Councillor candidate
Michael WolfeRichmond City Councillor candidate



Get The Facts

Public Consultation By City Council

Richmond City Council has had a knack for not consulting the public on a number of multi-million dollar decisions.

For example, they recently refused to consult the public on the $80 million Seniors and Aquatic Centre. But this problem started a long time ago.
City Council never asked for public consultation on the Richmond Oval. Moreover, in 2005, the Pub Bylaw changed to no longer require public surveys and was reworded to ” At the discretion of Council”. This was approved by Councillors Rob Howard (the new head of the Richmond Community Coalition), Dang, McNulty and Kumagai (all from Richmond First) along with Mayor Brodie.

City Council endorsed a staff report in 2014 to allow the Provincial Government to build a massive, (likely toll) bridge to replace the George Massey Tunnel. The public was once again not consulted.

Is Richmond City Council listening to you? Most of the current City councillors have been in office for multiple terms and the same lack of community consultation continues. It’s Time For Change. Elect Carol Day and Michael Wolfe for City Council on November 15 and they’ll make changes to increase public consultation on City projects – because you deserve to be heard.

Get Involved

Get A Car Sign

Help out RITE Richmond by getting a free car sign! Our car signs go on a window of your car and don’t serve as a distraction from driving. Request a car sign by visiting our car sign page here.

Social Media

Connect and engage with RITE Richmond and fellow Richmondites over social media. This is your chance to make your voice heard. Our social media profiles are a space for us to share with you opportunities to personally engage our candidates through the events. We’ll also share platform and candidate news as well as blog posts that our candidates write.

At RITE Richmond, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent to the people of Richmond. And we are dedicated to rebuilding the trust that has been lost due to the policies of the old guard at Richmond City Council and the Board of Education. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Volunteers are the life of every campaign. Volunteering presents people with the opportunity to help others in achieving goals. Every RITE Richmond candidate has dedicated their lives to various volunteer causes and in order to bring change to Richmond, we need people like you to join our campaign and help us. You can help us out by simply voting. But going beyond that, you can help us by getting a car sign, hosting a lawn sign, attending burmashaves, joining us at events, telling your friends about RITE Richmond, and engaging with us over social media.

If you’d like to volunteer for RITE Richmond, click here to go to our volunteer page.