Candidates RITE Richmond Board of Education Trustee Candidates And Platform

RITE Richmond Board of Education Trustee Candidates And Platform

School Trustee candidates

Rod BellezaRichmond Board of Education Trustee Candidate
Norman GoldsteinRichmond Board of Education Trustee Candidate
Michael StarchukRichmond Board of Education Trustee Candidate


Our School Trustee Platform

We will provide quality public education, in the context of publicly accountable and responsible

1. Enable each student to reach their individual potential

  • Prepare students for life and work – an educated person
  • Offer differentiated instruction in the classroom
  • Provide support for special needs students
  • Create programs of choice to take advantage of high motivation

2. Advocate for stable, adequate and predictable funding

  • Provide a quality, uninterrupted education for students
  • Provide teachers with the necessary resources for teaching and professional development
  • Engage the community and stakeholders, and take political action as needed

3. Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment

  • Support parents’ as advocates in their children’s education
  • Support PACs in representing the interests of parents and students
  • Welcome and encourage stakeholder and community involvement
  • Provide stewardship for the School District to create & maintain a green environment

RITE Richmond Students’ Charter

The purpose of this charter is to empower students to thrive and develop to their full potential.  Consequently, Richmond students deserve:

1. An education — kindergarten to grade 12

The basis for a productive life in our society is education.  It should be holistic, adequately funded, and  not interrupted.

2. To be included in school — safe, healthy, accepted and the student’s needs attended to

A student should feel at home in our inclusive school district environment, with equitable access to resources.  A student should be heard and involved in their schooling.  The school is a place to learn to be appreciative and accepting of diversity, and to learn about wellness – the health of the individual and the environment.  The school is a place for nurturing respect, love and compassion.

3. The full protection of the law

At school, children are not under the personal supervision of their parents.  The caring and competent school staff cannot be everywhere at once.  Children, themselves, are learning proper behaviours and social mores.  It is not to be taken for granted that the law of the land is adequately protecting each and every one of our most delicate and precious resources – our children.  Students are empowered to  advocate for their rights, and to seek protection against all forms of discrimination, abuse, bullying and other legal rights violations.

4. To develop to their full potential

There is a basic provincial curriculum that every student is expected to learn.  Beyond that, every student is unique, and should achieve growth and learning according to their individual interests and strengths.  Educational competencies, creativity and critical thinking  should be developed across all disciplines.

5. To engage and participate in their community

A student should feel connected to their community.  Volunteering, visiting local businesses and inviting local speakers to the class room, are ways to encourage this.

6. To engage and participate in the democratic process

Just as an education is the basis for a productive life, our participation in the Canadian democratic process is the basis for the rights and freedoms that we all enjoy.  School is a place to instill a sense of duty to oneself and one’s neighbours, and not to take our traditions for granted.

7. To learn life skills.

For example:

    • How to apply for a job
    • What post-secondary education and training is available
    • The basics of managing your money
    • The basics of the legal system

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