Candidates City Council Michael Wolfe – Richmond City Councillor candidate

Michael Wolfe – Richmond City Councillor candidate

Michael Wolfe for Richmond City Council - RITE RichmondMichael Wolfe was born and raised in Richmond. His family have been proud citizens of Richmond for four generations, and he has lived in West Cambie for all of his 32 years, always supporting neighbourhood values.

Michael’s Dedication To Richmond (And To Bringing Change To Richmond City Council)

A decade ago, Michael committed his life to being the change he wants to see in the world, improving peoples’ quality of life. He has shared his values as a candidate for MP, MLA, Mayor, School Board Trustee, and City Councillor, and the community has responded in the Richmond Review’s Best of Richmond polls. This year the readers voted him “Best Person You Would Like to See In Office.”

While living, working and playing in Richmond, Michael attended public school, beginning at Tomsett Elementary and finishing at Cambie Secondary. He went on to Langara College for an Environmental Studies Diploma and then to UBC for a B.Sc. in Conservation Biology and a B.Ed. in Middle Years Education. Nowadays he serves on the Richmond Health Advisory Committee and the boards of the Richmond Nature Park Society and Garden City Conservation Society.

Committed To Providing Students With A Quality Education

As a public school educator, Michael has been “Mr. Wolfe” for youth at over forty of Richmond’s schools. When in the role of teacher consultant for science and environmental stewardship, he also organized many district-wide events. He now teaches science and biology at McNair Secondary.

In Love With Nature

Michael Wolfe keeps in touch with life’s delicate balance while raising fish, chicks, ducks and honeybees, along with growing vegetables, and he has adopted community trails and enabled the expansion of school gardens.  He can often be seen on the Garden City Lands, where he leads free eco-tours to share his wealth of knowledge, helping citizens to be in touch with nature and realizing how much is possible.

Michael Wolfe’s Richmond City Council term goals for 2014-2018:

  • Ensure that the wellness of the Richmond community and every resident is at the heart of city policy.
  • Enable citizens to have an empowering say in local decisions through genuine consultation.
  • Personally model sustainable behaviour and engage citizens in it daily through social media.
  • Reduce family poverty by championing access to nutritious local food, living wages and affordable housing.
  • Be a steady influence on Richmond City Council, by holding the mayor (the city’s chief executive) and senior staff to account.
  • Facilitate a balanced approach that is not titled towards rezoning developers and that respects the character of the neighbourhoods that make Richmond special.

Always, Michael Wolfe strives to be empowering. As a RITE Richmond candidate for Richmond City Council, he aims to be a voice for those who feel voiceless in our community—for the good of the whole community. Read the Day-Wolfe City Council platform here.

Contact or message, with 778-887-9341  or