Help Bring Change to Richmond


2014 presents an opportunity for Richmond to start fresh. People are clamoring for change.

Richmond City Council has been out-of-touch with working families in Richmond. People across this great city feel that they are not being heard or listened to. That’s what we’re hearing when we engage with hard working Richmondites – and we don’t need to stage an expensive Town Hall event with a former MP to engage with the public, we’ve been talking to Richmondites all our lives. And we hear from the public that they aren’t being heard. Project after project gets no consultation, if any from the public. Is this any way to run a democracy? The Day-Wolfe team will push for more public consultation and healthy business start-ups. They will push to defend Agricultural Land Reserve and the Fraser River after a successful 7 year fight to save the Garden City Lands. The Day-Wolfe will push for change on day 1 and will work for you, just as they have been their entire lives.

The Richmond Board of Education has issues too, dealing with stable funding, inclusion, and child poverty. Parents and students are frustrated by the current labour dispute between BC Teachers and the BC Government. But the issues don’t stop when our kids return to school. Schools in this city are underfunded and the Richmond School District has not received stable, adequate funding to provide students with kind of quality education they deserve. Our School Trustee candidates Rod Belleza, Norm Goldstein and Michael Starchuk will push for stable funding and choice in programs of choice and enrichment for students. They will advocate to empower parents to engage with their schools’ PACs and to fight rising child poverty which impacts a student’s ability to learn effectively.

RITE Richmond’s Commitment To Change Needs Your Help

The RITE Richmond team has been dedicated to community and public service for all of their respective lives. We’re committed to bringing change – but we can’t do it alone. We need you, Richmond. The other two civic groups are well financed by special interests who profit from decisions made out of City Hall. We don’t believe in that. In fact, we don’t accept large contributions – it’s a clause in our by-laws. Your $10, $25 or $50 will do more than help push our campaign for change – it means so much more than that. It means you’re investing in candidates who are going to stand up to the old guard at Richmond City Council, who are going to stand up to the special interests, who will commit to building trust with you, the people and who are committed to giving ordinary, hard working Richmondites a voice on City Council and the Board of Education.

All you want is to work hard, get by, put your kids through university and live an enjoyable life. We share that desire and ask you for your vote, your voice and your passion. Stand with RITE Richmond by filling out the form to the right.