RITE Richmond Adds Students’ Charter To 2014 Platform
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RITE Richmond Adds Students’ Charter To 2014 Platform

RICHMOND, BC – With a recent BC teachers-government labour dispute in the rear-view mirror, the RITE Richmond School Trustee team of Rod Belleza, Dr. Norm Goldstein and Michael Starchuk announced the release of the RITE Richmond Students’ Charter to their 2014 campaign platform.

“Putting the educational needs of students first is a priority,” said Belleza, who is seeking re-election for his third term on the Board of Education. “The students of Richmond deserve what we’ve listed in this charter and it’s time we get this out there.”

The charter outlines seven basic elements of education that every student in Richmond deserves. Included in the charter is that every student deserves a K-12 education that is holistic, adequately funded and uninterrupted.

“Our students have the best chance when they understand their rights and the importance of education,” added Dr. Goldstein. “The RITE Richmond Student’s Charter informs students of educational goals and their rights under the law, thus empowering them to succeed.”

The fourth item in the charter deals with reaching one’s full potential, a subject that Dr. Goldstein, who is seeking re-election for a second term on the Board, has advocated for over the last 3 years.

“Students deserve a voice in their education,” added Starchuk, the oldest of five brothers and father of one son. “Their opinions and actions need to count. With this charter we are empowering our students to engage in their educational path”

You can find the entire charter here.


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